Champions of Change - June 2016

It’s been a busy summer!  This June during the National Week of Making, I was honored along with nine other professionals for our contributions to our professions and the growing Maker Movement.  As an educator, I was first introduced to making through MIT’s Fab Lab program in 2007.  As the Director for the Cleveland STEM initiative, I led the development of a public-private partnership that launched MC2 STEM high school. MC2 STEM high school was the first school in the United States to have a Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory).   This digital fabrication laboratory provided students and teachers with an opportunity to integrate hands on project-based learning in their daily experiences.

In addition to running my consultancy, Synchronicity.  Today, I also serve as the Chief Implementation Officer for the Fab Foundation.  With the exponential growth of Fab Labs and the global fab lab network, the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT started the Fab Foundation in 2011.  This nonprofit organization serves as the anchor for 1,000 labs in over 80 countries around the world.

An organization and network that is supporting young people in pursuing their dreams as highlighted in my  White House blog post,  and shared in my remarks during the Champions of Change panel.

I was also happy to share this honor with another colleague from Cleveland as covered by The Cleveland Plain Dealer.  I am truly humbled by the White House honor, and believe it will help me expand my goal to help all of our children access quality learning opportunities.


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