Cleveland Public Library

As libraries across the country work to become more relevant to patrons, Cleveland Public Library is embarking on a new strategy grounded in historical relevance to its patrons: The People’s University (TPU).  TPU is the library’s current initiative for patron engagement and programming.  The initiative is rooted in the vision of the library’s strategic plan that states “Cleveland Public Library will be the driving force behind a powerful culture of learning that will inspire Clevelanders from all walks of life to continually learn, share, and seek out new knowledge in ways that are beneficial to themselves, their community, and the world.”

Cleveland Public Library will implement this initiative through phases over the next few years.  Synchronicity Consulting was hired to serve as an advisor to the library’s executive team, and to develop a transition plan.

Cleveland Public Library’s Tim Diamond and Felton Thomas recently share some thoughts about working with Synchronicity Consulting.  “When we needed a strategy to launch and sustain the guiding post for a new core business model, we reached out to Synchronicity Consulting,” shared Tim Diamond, Chief Knowledge Officer. Library Director and Public Library Association President, Felton Thomas shared, “With Synchronicity’s advice and support, we are developing a model of best and next practices in our field that are built on our core values.“

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